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Storm Scout Sniper Rifle leaked for Fortnite Battle Royale

Storm Scout Sniper Rifle leaked for Fortnite Battle Royale

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Storm Scout Sniper Rifle leaked for Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite’s weapon meta never sits still for long before the next change comes to its shores. The latest leak reveals the incoming addition of the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle.

Epic Games just released the v9.40 patch with two new variants of the Tactical Shotgun in hopes of making the weapon class relevant. We’ll see how the changes pan out, but the next Fortnite gun has already been leaked as of July 17.

Leaks begin to pour out shortly after each Fortnite patch (though Epic has been tightening the hatches lately). The Storm Scout Sniper Rifle was plucked from the game files in the v9.40 cycle.

Fortnite Storm Scout Sniper Rifle Leaked

As the morning leaks began to roll in, Lucas7yoshi dropped a bombshell announcement about a new weapon they’d found in the files. The data-miner was able to extract an image of this new ranged combat option as well as some of its gameplay stats.

The new Storm Scout Storm Rifle can be looted in Epic and Legendary variants. This will make the weapon fairly scarce, depending on Epic’s loot rate tuning. Judging from the provided stats and the model of the weapon, we think it’s safe to say it’s a semi-auto sniper.

More than likely, these will serve as the more powerful versions of the Semi-Auto Snipers.

With that said, we’re interested to see what special features these two will bring to the table. Note the ‘Storm’ in its name. The only other item which includes this tag is the Storm Flip. Could we see another item which uses or interacts with the Fortnite storm? Perhaps it will deal additional damage to enemies in the Storm?

As of right now, we do not know of any such interactions, but we’ll be sure to report on them if any additional leaks are released. You can also check out additional stats from StormShieldOne.

In terms of other v9.40 leaks, Epic will be once again running additional Overtime challenges for Season 9. Completing these will unlock XP and exclusive Styles for seasonal skins. Fortnite’s 2nd birthday will also receive it’s own set of challenges and rewards.

As the day goes on, we’ll keep an eye out for any other major leaks and report on them. Patches are always an exciting time for Fortnite fans and we’re sure there’s still something juicy to uncover. Be sure to let us know if you see anything interesting floating around the web as well!

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