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Fortnite patch v10.30: All leaked skins, cosmetics and styles

Fortnite patch v10.30: All leaked skins, cosmetics and styles

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Fortnite patch v10.30: All leaked skins, cosmetics and styles

A number of unreleased Fortnite skins and cosmetics have been leaked following the v10.30 patch, many of them looking like nothing we’ve seen before.

The game’s latest major update rolled out on September 11 with a number of interesting changes happening to the map, including the return of both Greasy Grove and Moisty Mire – well, part of it at least.

It’s fair to say that players will have also expected to see the back of the Pandora Rift Zone as well, which was removed following the end of Fortnite’s crossover with Borderlands 3, and now we have a whole load of skins and cosmetics to look forward to as well.

A variety of new packs have already been revealed for the future, including the Dark Legends cosmetic set which is coming in November. Although, after seeing all of this unreleased content, some fans will be hoping many of these new unreleased outfits and accessories will appear in the Fortnite Item Shop much sooner than that. 

Fortnite v10.30 leaked skins

The first batch, containing new skins, has been leaked by data miner HYPEX, as seen below. 

Image via HYPEX.

Fortnite v10.30 leaked skin styles and cosmetics

That’s not all, though. There appears to have been a whole host of leaked cosmetics and styles to have also been discovered by the data miner following Epic’s latest update to the game files. 

Image via HYPEX.

Some of these additions could be used in future events or be released in coordination with different map changes in the future.

Image via HYPEX.

It’s worth noting, though, that all of these unreleased cosmetics, skins and styles have not yet been confirmed by Epic Games – at the time of writing.

However, that won’t stop us – and many other Fortnite fans – from taking a look through and scouting out something we’d like to get our hands on in the future!

So, what one do you think looks the best? Let us know in the comments.

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